Landlords - Know your risk

Are you a Landlord? Do you know what your obligations are to your tenants?

Landlords are putting millions of UK private tenants at risk of serious accident or fire. 


 Landlords are required by law to ensure:-

  • that the electrical installations in rented properties are safe when new tenants move in and that they are maintained throughout the duration of the tenancy;
  • that a house (with 3 or more tenants live there, forming more than 1 household or has shared toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities with other tenants) has a periodic inspection carried out on the property every 5 years;
  • if your house is not the above, you are not legally required to carry out periodic inspections although it is advised that an inspection and relevant tests are carried out every 5 years; and
  • that all appliances are safe and has the CE marking (meets European Law standards).


PC Electricals would also recommend the following:-

  • that your properties have adequate RCD protection;
  • that you use a registered qualified electrician to carry out any works or inspections; and
  • that you carry out regular safety checks on appliances and installations.