Tenants - stay safe in your home

Are you a Tenant of a rented property? Are you safe in your home?


Every year around 70 deaths and 350,000 injuries in UK homes are caused by faulty electric and electrical equipment, and if you live in a privately rented property, statistics show that you are at a higher risk of electric shock. 

So, do you know what your Landlord is responsible for and what you are responsible for in your home? By law Landlords must ensure that electrical installations and witing are in a safe condition and are maintained throughout the tenancy. As a Tenant, you should flag any electrical issues with you Landlord as soon as they appear, but also make sure that any electrical appliances you bring into the rented property are maintained.

Ask your Landlord for:-

  • An Electrical Installation Condition Report which confirms that the electrical installation has been assessed and is safe to use. These should be carried out by a registered qualified electrician every 5 years or when the tenancy is changed; and 
  • certification confirming any recent electrical work meets the Building Regulations BS7671.

Warning Signs

If you see any of the following in your rented home, they show that the installation is old and may not have had the proper safety checks.

  • Cables - coated in black rubber, lead or fabric.
  • Fuseboxes - has a wooden back, made of cast iron or there are a number of them in the same area.
  • Sockets - old round pin sockets, cables covered in fabric, brown and black sockets mounted in skirting boards.
  • Switches - mounted on the wall in the bathroom, round light switches, brown and black switches.