Make electrical safety your New Years resolution

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Are you yet to decide upon a New Years Resolution? Then make one that could save your life!

Why not choose a more useful resolution that could not only save the life of you and your family, but one which could help other people in the process. Make electrical safety your resolution for 2016 –you can use your knowledge you learn to help others.

Where to start

Your starting point will be dependant on your current knowledge and attitude to electrical safety.

For many people, electrical is taken for granted. It is only when something goes wrong that it’s true dangers are exposed. There are many ways that electricity can become dangerous and there are a number of ways to prevent electrical shock or fire in your home. 

Getting the basics right

Knowing how safe your electrics are in your home is great starting place. It doesn't matter how much you practice electrical safety if the wiring in your home is dangerous.

The only way of determining your wiring is safe is by having an electrical installation condition report (EICR) carried out by a qualified and registered electrician. If you own your home, an EICR is recommended once every 10 years, if you rent your home, an EICR is recommended once every 5 years or with every change of tenancy.

The report from the EICR will recommend any electrical works that need to be carried out in your home to bring it in line with the latest electrical safety regulations.

Using electricity safely in your home

Once you know your electrics are safe, it is important to maintain them and not take risks when using it. Many people take dangerous risks without realising, so it is important to take note of these basics when using electricity:

  • Don't tamper or make changes to your electrics yourself 
  • Be careful with extension leads 
  • Use appliances correctly 
  • Never install electrical items yourself – always use a registered qualified electrician

Consider getting RCD protection

Of course electrical mistakes can and do happen so we recommend RCD protection for your home if you don't have any currently. Most modern fuse boards will have RCD  protection, however if yours is an older style, you probably don't have RCD protection. An RCD protects you against electrical shock or injury before you are aware there is even a problem.

Will you make electrical safety your resolution?

By pledging to make electrical safety your New Years Resolution, you will help increase awareness of electrical safety. The more people that electrical safety seriously, the safer UK households will become!   

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