Preparing for Halloween

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Haunted houses, scary movies and things that go bump in the night - Halloween is just around the corner and we’re getting into the spooky spirit. 

If you’ve already picked your carving pumpkin and eaten all the sweets you bought for the trick-or-treaters, you’re probably in the mood to decorate. Before you start preparing for the most terrifying night of the year, read our advice to ensure you don’t end up in a real-life house of horrors!

Halloween Safety Tips

  1. Before you start decorating, inspect each electrical item and discard any that are damaged
  2. If you’re using electrical items outside, make sure they are marked ‘for outdoor use’
  3. Use a RCD with all outdoor electrical decorations
  4. Make sure electric cords can’t be tripped over, pulled or chewed by children or pets
  5. Always use safety approved electrical decorations bought from a reputable retailer, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  6. Don’t overload your sockets with decorations – use our socket calculator to make sure yours are safe
  7. Remember to switch off your electrical decorations before you leave the house or go to bed

If you are unsure about an installation, need advice or assistance please contact PC Electricals. We also have more electrical safety tips on our website Facebook or Twitter pages.