COVID-19 update 30/03/2020

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Due to the current climate and the affect of Coronavirus, we are still undertaking jobs but are limiting the jobs what we are taking on and only completing jobs where:- 

(a) the property is vacant;

(b) it is emergency work; and

(c) it is work we have already promised a strict deadline to. 

This is to adhere to the social distancing recommendations made by the Government and to limit customer, staff and their family’s exposure to the virus. 


We are of course keeping in place the strict hygiene and social distancing measures when we are on site. 


We would be happy to assist with other jobs once lockdown has been lifted and in the meantime we can provide quotes to help customers budget. 


We do hope you understand our position, if you have any queries please do contact us on 07975155624 or email [email protected]