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  1. Due to the current climate and the affect of Coronavirus, we are still undertaking jobs but are limiting the jobs what we are taking on and only completing jobs where:- 

    (a) the property is vacant;

    (b) it is emergency work; and

    (c) it is work we have already promised a strict deadline to. 

    This is to adhere to the social distancing recommendations made by the Government and to limit customer, staff and their family’s exposure to the virus. 


    We are of course keeping in place the strict hygiene and social distancing measures when we are on site. 


    We would be happy to assist with other jobs once lockdown has been lifted and in the meantime we can provide quotes to help customers budget. 


    We do hope you understand our position, if you have any queries please do contact us on 07975155624 or email [email protected]

    As you will appreciate, the onset of COVID-19 virus is a challenge to us all in the services/trade sector. However, at this time we are still open for business. 
    We want to reassure you that the health and wellbeing of all our customers  are our top priority and we want to reassure you of the due diligence to our approach.
    We are of course monitoring closely the daily changing Government guidelines and following their instructions accordingly. As a business we always operate the highest standards of hygiene but here's what we are doing to ensure we can protect you as much as possible:
     *  If you are not feeling well we ask you to postpone our visit until you are feeling better by contacting us on 07975155624 or email [email protected]
    *  We are carrying anti-bacterial wipes and are using prior to arriving at a property.
    *  We ask you to keep a distance of 2 metres away from our engineer wherever possible.
    *  We will ensure that the work we have undertaken is left clean and tidy 
    * If you have any concerns please telephone 07975155624
    Stay safe everyone! 
  3. Are your cables all tangled together in a disorganised heap under your desk? Or perhaps you are still putting off organising the wires hiding behind your TV? 


    Tangled wires are not just notoriously difficult to manage, they can also be very dangerous and electrically unsafe if all the wear and tear causes damage to the protective layers or if any of the live wire becomes exposed. This could mean that you are putting yourself at an increased risk of an electric shock or worse.

    Here are our top tips to help you keep all your cables in check:

    1. Take a look online for some great cable management kits that come complete with storage boxes, cable clips, cable holders, cable sleeves etc. 
    2. Don’t want to spend the cash? No worries, there are plenty of DIY tutorials on the internet to help you make your own cable management tools like homemade charging stations and cable sleeves or blog posts detailing how to reuse common household items such as wooden pegs!
    3. Labeling your wires can make finding them later an absolute breeze. Instead of having to trace back every single cable back to the source to figure out which is which, labeling them at both ends will help you know what you’re unplugging so you don’t end up unplugging the wrong machine!
    4. Storing away your cables? Try toilet rolls for an easy DIY creation to help hold and organise all the wires in a tangle free fashion! Then simply write a label on the toilet roll and you’re good to go!
    1. Make sure you aren’t daisy chaining your cables as this could make managing them tedious and confusing. Not only this, but plugging extension cords into extension cords is highly dangerous and could lead to an electric accident or fire if you accidentally overload your sockets from too much current running through the leads.


    If you are unsure about an installation, need advice or assistance please contact PC Electricals. We also have more electrical safety tips on our website Facebook or Twitter pages.